Trevor at 13

Time to share my annual "Trevor At" layout! I'm now the mama of a teenager. 

Trevor at 13 (affiliate link)

As always, I chose the words to describe Trevor without looking back on what words I chose in previous years. It's always fun to see what words I pick year after year, versus which ones make a first time appearance. This year: smart, generous, happy, flexible, funny, optimistic, helpful, polite, trustworthy, kind, easy-going, cooperative, clever, reserved, confident, reliable, well-liked, and honest. I'm one lucky mom.


  1. I agree with all of those! He's a great kid!

  2. Yes you are, Cindy! And he is one lucky kid to have such a great mom! I love this page and your tradition of picking words to describe him year after year! And welcome to the teenage years!!!! HUGS!

  3. Loveeeeeee this!!!!! Great colors and loving the words you chose!


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