Framed Diamond Art Baseball Glove

When I saw that Leisure Arts had a Diamond Art baseball design, I knew it would make a great gift for my dad. The sparkly art is fantastic, but it really came together when I framed it. Actually, that's not technically a frame - read on to learn what I did! Affiliate links below. 

Framed Diamond Art Baseball Glove



Complete the Diamond Art, then carefully trim away the excess fabric.

Thin down the paint with water. You want a runny, ink-like consistency. Use a paper towel to rub the paint on the square panel, covering all surfaces. Let it dry. If you want a deeper color, repeat.

Cut the cardstock to fit inside the panel. Spread a thin coat of FabriTac on the inside of the frame and press the cardstock in place. Let it dry.

Spread a thin coat of FabrTac to the back of the Diamond Art. Center it on the cardstock.


You can do this same thing with any of Leisure Arts' fabulous Diamond Art designs. I'm working on a similar project using one of their NFL designs. If you haven't tried Diamond Art yet, give it a try. It's definitely addictive!


  1. I saw this stuff too at Creativation~ so cool!!! Love the baseball!!

  2. Everything looks better "framed"! This turned out fabulous!


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