One Little Word - 2020

This is my tenth year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word. I started with Balance (2011), followed by Celebrate (2012), Try (2013), Enjoy (2014), Relax (2015), Share (2016), Connect (2017), Believe (2018), and Reach (2019). 

My word for 2020 is Focus. 

This year, I want to focus on what's most important to me. With the limited time and resources we all have, focus will help me make choices that reflect my values and goals. I want to focus on self-care, as well as narrow the focus of my business.

As always, this year's One Little Word doesn't replace the previous ones. I'll continue to embrace Balance, Celebrate, Try, Enjoy, Relax, Share, Connect, Believe, and Reach along with Focus. All the tags hang together in my craft room, with seven on the first string...

... and Focus joining Believe and Reach on the second string of tags. They hang right below the first. 

Did you pick One Little Word for 2020? I'd love to hear what it is and why you chose it!


  1. I am still thinking on my OLW and I really like yours... I may steal it! ::smile::

  2. I love YOURS!!! I have mine, just have to make the time to create something about it! :) And got your email -- waiting for Brian to get me Brookie's schedule -- hopefully I will get a response to you tomorrow! :)

  3. There's a great word choice. Wishing you all the best for 2020!


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