Model Magic + Cookie Cutters = So Many Possibilities

When I made my King Cake necklace, I had some extra white Model Magic left. While opened Model Magic will stay soft if carefully wrapped properly, I'm not a 'carefully wrapped properly' type of person. I'd much rather play with the extra clay to see what I can make now than risk coming back to it later and finding that it wasn't wrapped as well as I'd thought.

First, I made bunnies.

I got a new bunny cookie cutter for Christmas (affiliate link here and throughout the post) and this was the perfect chance to give it a test run. I rolled out the leftover Model Magic on a sheet of wax paper, then started cutting out rabbit after rabbit. 

When I had a fluffle of bunnies, I set them aside on a piece of wax paper to dry overnight. Then I made hearts. 

I combined bits of white and red Model Magic, kneading until they were marbled. Then I rolled out each piece and cut out hearts. Obviously, you could use any shape you want. I did a quick search and discovered that there so many adorable cookie cutters out there! Check out these dinosaurs! This woodland set is awesome. Look, California! And tools! Oooh, llamas and cacti! And fruit! I hear lemons are trending

(I can't stop looking at cookie cutters. Send help.)

ANYWAY, I mixed all the scraps together with the last bits of red and used them to make a rose. It's really easy. 

Start by rolling a bunch of little balls. Flatten them with your thumb. They don't need to be the same size; in fact, your rose is more realistic if they aren't. 

Take one petal and roll it to make the center of the rose. Then wrap another petal around the outside. Keep adding petals on opposite sides until the rose is the size you want. Rest the finished rose on loosely balled foil. This will allow it to keep its shape as it dries. If you just set it down on the table, it will slump. 

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with my rose, but I have plans for the bunnies and hearts. I'll show you those soon.


  1. Genius! My granddaughter lvoes model magic. I should get the cookie cutters out.

  2. I see a gift at Christmas in your future that consists of nothing but cookie cutters! LOL!!! These are AWESOME!! Such a great idea!!!!!

    1. I already have more cookie cutters than I'll ever use, but I would still love to get a Christmas gift of nothing but cookie cutters!


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