Covid Halloween

Having friends over, going trick-or-treating, and passing out candy were out of the question, so we had to pivot from our usual routine for Halloween. (I'd add "pivot" to this list of choices for 2020 Word of the Year.) Following the guidelines of the CDC and state and county officials, we had a socially-distanced backyard get-together with our friends Ken, Sheena, and Devin. The weather was perfect and it was easy to maintain distance between our two households. We had a wonderful time sitting around their fire pit and catching up.
Covid Halloween (affiliate link)

The layout came together quickly and easily. While it looks like there are six photos, there are actually only three. I made a collage of the four smaller photos and printed them as a single 4" x 6". I matted the three photos on a square of black cardstock, put that on Halloween patterned paper, added a title (using my all-time favorite letter stickers) and journaling, then adhered the paper strip and the embellishment. Super easy and I'm really happy with how it came out. 

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