It's Raining Hearts for Valentine's Day

January is the rainiest month of the year here in northern California. It's all relative, of course; we have far more sunny days than rainy ones, even in January. It was raining while I was punching hearts for a Valentine's Day idea I had, which led to this:

It's Raining Hearts for Valentine's Day


  • cardstock or construction paper
  • heart punches
  • microtip scissors
  • adhesive


Punch a bunch of small hearts from dark blue cardstock and one large heart from red cardstock. Use the scissors to cut out a shirt, then bend one sleeve upward. Cut out a head, two hands, an umbrella, and pants. I also cut two shoes and a strip of pavement, which are not in the photo below.   

Put together the girl (shoes behind the jeans, hands behind the shirt, shirt onto the jeans, and head onto the shirt). Assemble the umbrella (handle under the canopy, heart on the canopy) and glue it to the girl's hand. Glue the pavement to the blue background paper. Attach the girl to the background so that she is standing on the pavement. 

Glue the small blue hearts upside down randomly on the background paper, avoiding the area protected by the umbrella. Trim any hearts that extend beyond the edge of the background. 


  1. As soon as I saw this, I thought,"I want to make this Valentine for my granddaughters!" It reminded me of them when I saw this. Super cute. Love this. Thanks for this great picture.

  2. This goes perfectly with the book "The Day it Rained Hearts" by Felicia Bond.

    1. I hadn't heard of that book, so I looked it up. You're right! What a darling book. I was surprised who received the valentines she made. :)


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