"I Think You Are TREE-mendous!" Valentine

I'm not normally all that into puns, but there's something about Valentine's Day and puns that go hand-in-hand. This "tree-mendous" valentine is cute and easy to make, plus you can fit a lot of candy or other small gifts into the tree trunk. Affiliate links below. 

"I Think You Are TREE-Mendous!" Valentine



Cut two slits in a piece of green cardstock that are the same distance apart as the diameter of the cardboard tube.   

Paint the cardboard tube brown and set it aside to dry. Meanwhile, cut the green cardstock to make the canopy of the tree. Punch hearts from red cardstock and glue them randomly on the canopy. 

When the paint is dry, use the Sharpie to draw vertical lines and knot holes onto the cardboard tube to simulate the look of bark. Then write "I think you are TREE-mendous" on a piece of white cardstock, mat it with red, and then glue it to the trunk. 

Fill the trunk with candy, then slide the canopy onto the trunk. Your valentine is ready to give to that "tree-mendous" person in your life! 

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