Mardi Gras Cereal Treat, Inspired by King Cake

Ready for another Mardi Gras craft? This edible craft, which is about the size of a donut, looks like a mini king cake and features some of the same flavors. Cereal is the main ingredient in this treat... but it's not Rice Krispies! Try making your own for Mardi Gras. Affiliate links below. 

Individual Mardi Gras Cereal Treat



Melt approximately 4 oz. Candy Melts, following the package instructions. Pour 1.5 cups Golden Grahams into the melted candy, stirring until it is mostly coated.

Spoon the candy-coated cereal onto a piece of parchment paper, making a donut shape. 

While the candy is still melted, sprinkle green, yellow, and purple sanding sugar on top, alternating sections. Don't cover it entirely; you want some of the white 'frosting' to show through. 

Let the candy harden completely, then transfer the treat to a separate plate. 

To serve, cut straight down with a sharp knife to break it into pieces. This sweet donut-sized cinnamon treat will satisfy 2-4 people. 


  1. YUM!!!! Golden Grahams also happens to be one of my favorite cereals!


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