Easter 2021

Any of you long-time scrapbookers recognize the circles and striped patterned papers I used for this layout? You have to go waaaaay back. The manufacturer, one of my all-time favorites, shut down in 2009.

Easter 2021 (affiliate link)

Anyone else miss Scenic Route? Of all the paper manufacturers that have come and gone, they are the one I miss the most. I only have a little bit left in my stash, so I only pull it out when it's perfect for a page.
The orange/woodgrain paper is from Echo Park, one of my current favorites. Check out the journaling spot at the top left. The woodgrain is the tear strip from the bottom of the paper, still attached. I was so pleased to be able to use it like that. I think that's a first. I love how it balances with the carrots and the circle behind them.
One more detail to point out from this layout: the title. Did you notice that the E's are significantly narrower than the other letters? That's because they used to be B's. A quick trim and I had the letters I needed. I love fonts like that.


  1. Cute layout! LOVE the carrots!
    Ps: I miss Scenic Route too! My fave was Sassafras though...quirky like me...*lol*

    1. I'd forgotten about Sassafras! So many great companies have come and gone.


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