Team Pfizer

I used the leftover papers and sticker from my Canceled by COVID layout to make this page about our COVID vaccines. The deRosier family is #TeamPfizer. Steve and I have been fully vaccinated since mid-May and Trevor since mid-June. 

Team Pfizer (affiliate link)

I'm really happy with how this layout came out... almost as happy as I am that our family is fully vaccinated and can get back to spending time with friends and family, eating in restaurants, and traveling!


  1. Congrats on being fully vaccinated! Nicely documented!
    P/s: Please continue to wear a mask in crowded areas. Asia has been seeing a resurgence of cases with the Delta variant. The R0 is 8 so it spreads really quickly...even to vaccinated individuals.

    1. Absolutely. We've stopped wearing masks outdoors, but continue to wear them indoors everywhere we go.


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