Happy Holidays, Meter!

Steve works for an awesome company run by a pair of brothers who have shown in many ways that they care about their employees. One of those ways was with the 2020 holiday party. COVID meant that an in-person gathering was out of the question, so they held a cooking class / dinner party via Zoom. Each employee received a shopping list and a gift card to pay for drinks, appetizers, and the ingredients they'd need to make fettuccine carbonara from scratch. Everyone cooked and chatted and ate and drank and it was great.   

Happy Holidays, Meter! (affiliate link)

I kept things simple with this layout: one photo of our appetizers, one photo of Steve making fresh pasta, one photo of the finished pasta, and a group photo (so to speak). I added a few die cuts, some journaling, and it went straight into the album. 


  1. That is such a cool idea to involve employees. The layout looks awesome too!


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