One Point Perspective Name Art

Here's a fun and easy project to introduce one point perspective. (Yes, I'm obsessed with Name Art.)


One Point Perspective Name Art


  • paper
  • Sharpie
  • ruler
  • colored pencils


Write your name in block letters. It is easiest if you use all capital letters so that you don't have ascenders and descenders. You want a little space between the letters, too. 

Make a single dot below your name. 

Now, you are going to draw lines between each of the corners of your letters and the dot at the bottom. If the line would cross through any of the letters, lift your pen to leave a gap. It's easiest to work from the outsides in so you don't have lines that cross. 

Finally, color in your artwork. I chose five different shades of blue colored pencil to create an ombre effect. The darkest color is on the fronts of the letters, then the shades get lighter toward the dot. Experiment with different ways to color your artwork!


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