Photo Fun with Vintage Candy

My sister gave me a box of vintage candy for my 50th birthday. What a great gift! Before trying anything, I spread everything out on the table and snapped a photo so I'd remember what was in the box. There's a fun mix of things I enjoyed as a child and candies I don't know that I've tried before. 

I decided I wanted a photo of just the candy without the birthday insert, so I removed the paper and rearranged the candy to fill the space. 

It was really fun trying to fit the candy together, so I challenged myself to arrange it by color in a perfect rectangle. I left out a few things that didn't have a dominant color. I think the candy looks so pretty arranged this way!

I made one final arrangement with my candy, from best to worst. I left out anything I'd never tried before. Of all the candies, Sugar Daddy is my favorite, so it's in the top left. I also love Double Bubble, Lemonheads, BarNone and Pixie Sticks. The next tier are candies I like, then ones I feel meh about. As you get toward the bottom, you'll see the candies I don't like at all. The worst of all are the banana Now n Laters, banana Laffy Taffy, and the wax lips. Gross. 

I don't think my sister anticipated that I'd have just as much fun, if not more, arranging the candy than eating it. Thanks for a great gift, Kari!

The Vintage Candy Company (affiliate link) has boxes like this for all the milestone birthdays, as well as candy by the decade. They have special occasion and holiday boxes, global boxes, and boxes featuring a flavor, like sour, spicy, or fizzy candy. They even have boxes where all the candy is sugar-free or vegetarian. Check it out!

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  1. Gosh! They look great in all the arrangements. Such a fun gift to receive!


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