Thanksgiving 2021

We hosted Steve's family for Thanksgiving in 2021. This including the newest member, our great-nephew. It's been awhile since we've had a toddler in the house; it certainly makes you look at everything with fresh eyes! He too was seeing our house with fresh eyes - a rabbit to meet, stairs to climb, and a large container of balls to go through. He is a delight. 

Thanksgiving 2021 (affiliate link)

I kept this layout really simple. I started pictures of everyone around the table, except me (although that's my plate of food I photographed), then added a picture of the dessert buffet. I added a journaling card, a random scrap to hold the date, a border sticker, and a sticker for the title. My favorite part of the layout is that the StickTogether mosaic of Trouble is photobombing everyone. 

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