Today's layout is from a field trip that Trevor and the rest of the National Junior Honor Society members took last fall to my alma mater, UC Davis. I love chaperoning field trips and was particularly thrilled to show off the best of UCD to the middle schoolers. 

NJHS at UCD (affiliate link)

I went with the UCD colors, Aggie Blue and Aggie Gold. By the way, if you've never checked out a brand guide, I think they're fascinating. Many universities and businesses share theirs online and they're a great source for colors, fonts, logos, and other branding.

Somewhat related... did you know you can get university-branded gear on Amazon? I only discovered that recently, but it makes perfect sense. I've linked some UCD stuff below - follow the links to search your own alma mater. 


  1. Nicely done. CAS perfection. LOVE the mix of photo sizes.

  2. Love this! Loving that you incorporated the school colors!!!


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