Future Pegasus

Trevor is a member of the freshman class of Early College High School. This innovative program takes place entirely on the local community college campus. The students take the standard high school classes, as well as at least one college class each semester. ECHS is a perfect fit for Trevor and we've been hoping and praying for years that he would be admitted. We were all so excited and happy for him when his acceptance letter arrived in February. I used the letter as the journaling in this layout. 

Future Pegasus (affiliate link)
The ECHS mascot is the Pegasus, explained visually in the main photo (actually a slide from the presentation we attended for prospective students). ECHS students are technically enrolled at Rodriguez High School (the Mustangs), even though they won't necessarily ever set foot on campus. Their classes are all at Solano Community College* (the Falcons). When you combine Mustang and Falcon, obviously you end up with Pegasus. I love that.
*At least they will be, once we beat this pandemic. 


  1. So AWESOME!!! My goddaughter went through something similar in NJ, and will be graduating high school and getting her BS next June! I loveeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and how you included the letter!

  2. Awesome! You must be so proud!


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