Minnesota Has a New State Flag

Minnesota has a new state flag!

I'm a bit late with the news; Minnesota's new state flag was officially adopted in May. Although, I did mention a new state flag was coming back in November when I shared my ranking of the Best and Worst State Flags. I mentioned it again in March, when I talked about the Best and Worst State Flags for Crafting

I really like this new flag. It is a HUGE improvement over the previous flag. I like the symbolism, the color choices, and the simplicity. It is distinct from all over state flags, and thus easily recognized as it's flying. It is a much easier flag to draw, benefitting school children and craft bloggers like myself who design state-inspired crafts. 

I've updated my website to use the new flag. This means changing the photo in four places: my Guide to US Travel; the page with travel recommendations and craft ideas inspired by Minnesota; and the navigation pages that are alphabetically on either side of Minnesota, which include Michigan and Mississippi

I try to keep up with any proposed flag changes that are working their way through their state legislatures. By September, Illinois will have up to 10 potential new flag designs to consider, but we won't see a new flag (if chosen) until 2025 at the earliest. I was hopeful that Michigan might adopt a new flag in 2024 or 2025, but there has been no action since the idea was last raised in April 2023. It had been brought up in 2021 with no action either, so I'm not particularly optimistic. There is a big push to change the Massachusetts flag; in May, the Senate proposed a budget item to change the Massachusetts flag, seal, and motto. The budget went to the governor on July 1, but I can't find anything more recent about its progress from there. If you've read this far in my blog post, you might be interested in checking out this site with ideas for redesigned flags. I really like some of them, but not the design for Massachusetts. There's potential though, with a little tweaking. 

Want to display the new Minnesota flag? I found some ideas for fans of the North Star State. Affiliate links below. 

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  1. I totally disagree with you. This flag is just wrong! It says nothing about the people of Minnesota and who they are. There are farmers, miners, and in this world high tech programmers. The original people are native Americans. Yes, fishing and water sports are important, but I don't think they belong on the flag. There is no character left. The design is way too simplistic. It will never get my vote!!

    1. I hear you, but your examples don't make Minnesota unique. Farmers and indigenous people are found in all 50 states; mining and programmers are found in most if not all. The new flag design is simple, yes. But it is also recognizable and eye-catching. No longer will Minnesota's flag be lost in a sea of flags with a busy state seal on navy background.

  2. I also disagree that it is an improvement. The graphics are grade school level. Beyond that it has no relevance Minnesota statehood and what made that happen.


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