Google Doodles on Your Special Day (and My Personal Google Doodle)

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Since I'm writing this in advance, I don't know what today's Google Doodle looks like, but I'm very confident that it features a patriotic design of some sort. At least, here in the United States. Fun fact: People see different Doodles depending on where they are in the world and what holiday is celebrated locally. 

I am a big fan of Google Doodles. Did you know there have been over 5000 since the first one appeared in 1998? Or that the first interactive Doodle, a PAC-MAN game, appeared in 2010? Google makes it easy to search their Doodles, so you can find all of the interactive Doodles and play to your heart's content, long after they first appear on search page. So fun!

You can also search for specific dates and see all the Doodles worldwide that have appeared then. These are all of the Doodles from my birthday, March 12:

Perhaps one day I will finally be recognized for my most important contribution to society and will warrant my own Google Doodle. If so, I'm ready. 

I was thinking it should run on March 12, but I've changed my mind. It should run on April 4, my blog anniversary. On that fateful day in 2011, I stopped keeping my genius to myself and those around me and started sharing it worldwide. You're welcome

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