Speaking of Minnesota....

Yesterday was all about Minnesota's new state flag. Today I'm sharing a scrapbook layout from our 2022 trip to Minnesota. We had so much fun exploring Minneapolis, St. Paul, Red Wing, and Wabasha. If you haven't been to Minnesota, I highly recommend it!

Minnesota Memories 2022 (affiliate link)

I chose photos of many of our favorite places, but as usual, there were too many things we loved to include them all. I added as many as I could. However, I failed to include a picture of Steve. I'm usually careful to make sure we all appear in the photos, but in this case he took almost all, if not all, of the pictures I used. Of the 13 photos, 7 are from Minneapolis, 3 are from St. Paul, 2 are from Red Wing, and one is from Wabasha, which is (by coincidence) proportionate to the time we spent in each. 

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