Senior Prom

On May 25, Trevor attended his Senior Prom. It took place at San Francisco's City Hall, also known as The People's Palace. On the big day, I took a picture of him in from of our house, dressed in his tux. Then I dropped him off a friend's house, where I took a photo of the four classmates who rode together. The parents who drove took a photo of the four, plus a fifth friend they met there, outside the venue. I used those three pictures to make this layout. 

Senior Prom (affiliate link)

Built in 1915, City Hall was the perfect venue for the "Old Hollywood" theme the prom committee chose. Here are some of the pictures I didn't use on the layout. The outdoor ones are from the parents who drove and the indoor ones are from the school's Facebook page. 


Trevor's prom experience was completely different than mine, which also took place in San Francisco. Back in my day, we had to buy our tickets as a couple; if you didn't have an opposite-gender date, you didn't go to the prom. Trevor's school sold only single tickets. We could bring dates from other cities and, as far as I remember, there wasn't an age limit. Trevor's prom was limited to juniors and seniors from their school. We had separate proms for juniors and seniors; I attended both. Trevor's school combines the two; most students, including Trevor, opt not to go as juniors. We weren't served any food at the prom, so we went out to dinner ahead of time. Trevor and his friends ate at the prom, dining on tacos, crepes, and Shirley Temples. We drove ourselves. All of Trevor's friends either came in party buses or a parent drove them. We could come and go when we wanted - arrive late, leave early - but Trevor and his classmates had to arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 and were not permitted to leave earlier than midnight for any reason, except by ambulance. Our prom had dancing. If you weren't dancing, you were sitting at a table talking. Trevor's prom had a dance area, but it also had a games room and a casino area. He and his friends played ping pong and air hockey and a variety of games of chance. We took prom photos (as couples, of course) and came home with souvenir glassware and later received our photos and a book with all the couples' photos. Trevor came home empty-handed, which saves him from trying to decide what to do with a prom-themed brandy snifter 30+ years from now. One thing Trevor and I have in common: we both had a great time at prom. 

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