The Biggest US City I Haven't Visited

Recently, I learned that I live in the 244th largest city (by population) in the United States. This was very surprising to me. Given that there are close to 110,000 cities in the US, I wouldn't expect our relatively small city to be in the top 1%, let alone in the top 0.2%. We don't have big city amenities - there is no international airport, major league sports, or Broadway touring companies in Fairfield, CA. But the reason for that is not because our population wouldn't support it - it's because we're nearby to other much larger population centers that do have them. San Francisco is 45 miles west and Sacramento is 45 miles east. If Fairfield was plunked down into Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming, it would be the biggest city in the entire state. Instead, it's the 52nd largest city in California

This got me thinking... if I live in the 244th largest city in the US (without even knowing it), what is the biggest city in the US that I haven't visited? Surely it has to be way down the list, like 30th or something.


Technically, I've landed at the airport, gotten onto a bus, and immediately ridden somewhere else. But I'm not counting that as being there. Someday!

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