100 Places to Visit Before You Die (United States) - Part 2

In yesterday's post, I shared what I thought belonged and didn't belong on Briggs' list of the 100 Places to Visit Before You Die. Start with that post if you haven't already read it. 

Today, I'm sharing 25 places that aren't on Briggs' list but would definitely make my top 100. I've divided them into rough categories. As before, for any places that I've blogged about, I've added the link so you can read about my experiences. Some I visited before I started blogging, or visited more recently and didn't mention them on my blog for some reason. 


 25 Places To Visit Before You Die

Natural Wonders

I've added seven must-visit spots to Briggs list. They represent the amazing diversity of the country. To be fair, Briggs did have 'Alaska' on his list, but I think glaciers are a must-see. Likewise, I changed his Moana Loa to Kilauea. There's nothing like seeing an active volcano erupting. 

Historical Sites

The items in this category include museums, monuments, and historical places that help make the history of the United States come alive. 

Cultural Icons

These places are part of American culture and are definitely worth a visit. I'd happily return to any of them right now!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you agree with my choices? What would go on your Top 100 list that neither Briggs nor I mentioned?

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