My Favorite Adhesives

I've never met a serious scrapbooker who wasn't passionate about adhesives. Most of us have tried and rejected many during the quest for the perfect adhesive. Somewhere along the way, we find the one or two adhesives that we will love forever.

My all-time favorite, go-to adhesive is the Tombow Mono Tape Runner (affiliate link here and throughout the post).

I use Tombow Mono for 95% of my scrapbooking and cardmaking. I like its strength (strong enough to keep things in place for years, but not at its full strength immediately, allowing for repositioning). The size of the runner is perfect for my small hand. It is easy to get into small places and goes on smoothly. Being left-handed, there are some adhesive applicators that block me from seeing what I am doing, which I obviously hate, but this one is great for use in either hand.

Of course, a tape runner isn't ideal for all situations. When I need to attach a button, rhinestone, or other accent, I use Glue Dots. I use the "Craft" size fairly often, but my favorite is the "Mini."

No matter what size, I love Glue Dots for their strength and how easy they are to apply. Plus, each box lasts a long time.

When I need to adhere chipboard or letters I've cut with the Wishblade, I use Martha Stewart's Glittering Glue.

I discovered it about six months ago when I received it as a gift. I love it! Not only is it really strong, but it is so easy to apply in the tiniest of spaces. I thought I loved my previous liquid glue, but this one is totally superior. 

I have at least 5 other adhesives that I use for special circumstances (vellum adhesive or Mod Podge, for example), but these three are the staples in my craft room. I can do almost anything with my Tombow Mono, Glue Dots, and Glittering Glue.

What are your favorite adhesives? Anything fabulous out there that I definitely have to try?

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  1. I love Tombow and Glue Dots too. I also love the little foam dimensional precut tabs by Recollections to pop things up a bit. My favorite liquid glue is Zip Dry because it dries so very quickly. I'm an impatient person and I need stuff that sticks and HOLDS quickly. =0)


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