Scrap Paper Easter Eggs

My friend Sheena came up with an awesome Easter craft idea that uses scraps of patterned paper. When I saw what she made with her son, I couldn't wait to make some with Trevor!

I gathered up all my patterned paper scraps and pulled out the long, thin strips.

We each selected 10-12 strips of patterned paper and arranged them on a plain piece of white paper.

When we were happy with the layout, we used decorative-edged scissors on one side of each paper. Trevor used a different pair of scissors for each of his papers!

We glued down the strips of paper, making sure that the side with the decorative edge didn't get covered. You'll notice that we did not worry about the strips being longer than the width of the paper. It's not a problem that they're hanging off the edge like that.

Next, we turned the whole thing over and traced around an egg-shaped template. I have zillions of templates for every possibly holiday or occasion leftover from my classroom. All my templates are made from manila folders that would otherwise have been thrown away. It's very convenient going to the file cabinet and pulling out an egg-shaped template! 

Finally, we cut along the line. The finished eggs are so cute!


  1. I am SO excited that I was able to inspire you! We did have so much fun doing this.

  2. This is Darling! Trevor looks like he is having a lot of fun.


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