Masks for Easter Eggs

Lead Fiskateer Tami Bayer showed us another simple yet brilliant project idea. She used her punches on contact paper to create masks to put on her Easter eggs. After dyeing the eggs, she peeled off the masks. The area covered with contact paper remained white. So clever and so easy!

I gave it a try. I chose a star and a circle punch.

I carefully applied the contact paper around the egg. It took awhile. Next, I put the eggs in the dye.

As soon as the color was how I wanted it, I moved the eggs to a paper towel.

I blotted each egg, then started peeling off the contact paper. I probably should have waited until they were completely dry, but I really wanted to see how they'd turn out!

I left the dots on the orange egg white, but I decided to add some color to the stars.

I love the way they turned out! Here's the completed orange egg. You can see the star egg in the background.

The dots aren't perfect, as the dye bled a little. I tried to smooth down the stars and circles as best I could, but in retrospect, a bone folder might have made the job easier and provided better results. I can't wait to try again next year!


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