Party Planning

We're in party planning mode around here. Each year, we celebrate Trevor's birthday with two different parties: a backyard BBQ for family and godparents, then a smaller party with Trevor's playgroup friends. Trevor has decided he wants a zoo theme for his BBQ. On his actual birthday, we're having his friends-party at the zoo. The invitations went out today:

I made the giraffe from yellow and brown patterned paper scraps, using the pattern below. The original link to the pattern no longer works and I tried to find a replacement link to the original source, but could not.

After piecing together the giraffe, I attached it to the yellow and brown papers, scanned it, and then added the information digitally. I was able to quickly and easily change the information to create the invitation for the other party. 

Trevor has very specific ideas about his party. He wants a life-sized 'Pin the Spots on the Jaguar', a homemade monkey piñata that hangs by one arm, and this cake that he sketched for me:

I'm glad that Trevor has total faith in my crafting and cake decorating abilities! I am a bit concerned about my ability to create a life-sized jaguar, but I can probably pull that off. Maybe. A monkey pinata that hangs by one arm? I've made many piñatas in my life, but the vast majority have been shaped like an oval. As for a zebra cake that is supported by only its 4 legs.... no way! I have about six weeks to talk him into a more manageable, yet still fantastic, cake design.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Awwwwwwe! So cute! I hope he has a wonderful party! I know he will with YOU as the planner!!!


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