And the winner is....

Thank you to all of you who entered my 100th post contest!  I really appreciate your kind words and support.  It has been so much fun sharing My Creative Life with you these past few months.  I look forward to the next 100 posts! 

I ended up with 12 different people who entered to win.  Unfortunately, one of them posted anonymously without leaving a name, so I don't know who that is.  So that left 11. 

My mom wanted hers to say "Grandma" so that she could hunt for her letters with Timothy and Trevor during our next family Disneyland trip.  Of course I made one for her right away.  She has done countless things for me (including paying for the annual Disneyland trips!), so the least I could do is make her one and not include her in the drawing.  So that left 10 people.

When my husband read my original blog post, he said he felt left out because I made Trevor and Cindy deRosier, but no Steve.  So of course I made one for him too.  He has been 100% supportive of my blogging, including doing all my tech support.  This is just a small thank you for all that he has done to support me in this adventure. 

I took the 9 remaining names and put them in random.org.  My winner is.....

Congratulations and thanks for reading my blog!  I really appreciate it.  Ioana, if you'd like me to make the rest of your family's names, just let me know. 

I made one final name.  I know many of you have been having problems commenting on blogs (not just mine), so I changed my settings to allow anonymous comments.  Some of you still had problems.  I didn't have a way to test how to comment on my own blog, so I was unable to help anyone figure out how to do it.  But one person took the time to help the others by giving instructions.  This, of course, decreased her chances of winning.  So, in my mind, she's a winner too.  Thanks to

Shannon, if you'd like me to make the names of the rest of your family, let me know! 

My mom suggested I do another type of Disney giveaway when I reach 100 more posts.  When I asked her what exactly she thought I should do, she told me that was the part I needed to think up.  Um.... nothing else coming to mind.  I was quite pleased with myself for thinking up this one!


  1. Me too please :) And Brian. And dad. That way we can all hunt in November.

  2. Yay! It's me! LOL I never win anything, this made my day! Thank you Cindy! Love it! We LOVE all things Disney and practically grew up at the park. If you get a chance there's Dale, Allison, Olivia and Samuel :)

  3. Your signs are all super cute. This is such a fun and creative idea. Love it. Great post.

  4. Congrats to Ioana!!!!! And can I just say......"Awwwwww!!!!!" Thanks Cin! So very, very nice of you. :) If you can do it, theres Brian, Danielle & Eric. But I already feel like a winner now! Thanks again! I'm going to take my name to Disneyland and do the scavenger hunt :)

    Shannon C


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