Introducing Trouble

For years, Trevor has been asking for a pet bunny. At first, I thought it was a phase he'd outgrow, but no- he consistently put "bunny" at the top of his wish list every Christmas and birthday. Last year we told him that we would get him a bunny for his fifth birthday. 

After much research, we adopted Trouble from Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue. Trouble's mom had been rescued from a filthy house that had hundreds of rabbits running loose. Two days later, Trouble was born. He is very energetic, extremely curious, and adventurous. He reminds me of a silent toddler- bursts of high energy with naps in between, into EVERYTHING, and riveted by anything new or different. Despite his name, he hasn't caused any trouble. We adore him.

Meet Trouble.

Isn't he beautiful?

He has a perfect little cotton tail.

He loves to explore.

He also loves to lounge on the hardwood floor.

Trevor wanted to make some art to welcome Trouble to our family. I remembered seeing a handprint bunny craft around Easter. A quick Google search led me to Activity Village

Step One: Paint the palm and fingers of one hand. Do not paint the thumb. 

Step Two: Make one vertical handprint for the head (index/middle finger slightly separated from ring/pinkie). Make one horizontal handprint (fingers together) for the body. 

Step Three: Make a white thumbprint at the back of the body to create a cottontail.

Step Four: When the paint is dry, use pens to outline the bunny and add features.



Trevor was thrilled with the finished art and immediately hung it over Trouble's enclosure.

Trevor wants to do more rabbit art to decorate what he's now calling "Trouble's Wall." Stay tuned!


  1. Trouble is adorable, what a good pet! I really like the art, too. I can only imagine how full "Trouble's Wall" is going to get. It's a very "Trevor" thing to decorate a wall for the bunny!

  2. Sooooo cute!! He is adorable! And loving the signs you made for him! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Trevor is so adorable. I love the way you encourage his creativity. And I think it's wonderful that you fulfilled his long awaited wish! And what a cute bunny!


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