Crafts of my Childhood: Ribbon Barrettes

Hey look!  It's me at my 10th birthday party!

This was 1982 and I was rocking my homemade ribbon barrettes.  I LOVED my ribbon barrettes, as did just about every girl who was 10 years old in 1982.  I had several pairs, all carefully coordinated with my favorite dresses.  I stopped wearing my ribbon barrettes about a year or so later and I have no idea where they went.

I really wanted to make ribbon barrettes again.  As for who would be wearing them... they don't exactly seem appropriate at 39, nor are they something I'd put on my only child, who is a boy.  Fortunately, I have goddaughters who will look adorable in them!

I decided that Ellia would get yellow barrettes and Kylinn would get purple barrettes.  I brought my supplies with me to Trevor's swim lessons, where I could work on ribbon barrettes at the same time I was watching him.  The first barrette took me an entire swim lesson, as I tried to remember exactly how I'd made them some 29+ years ago.  The three subsequent barrettes took approximately 1/2 swim lesson each.

Here are Ellia's: 

And Kylinn's:

About a month ago, I altered a small box for the Flamingo Four at Flamingo Scraps.  I'd already decided to give it to Kylinn.  Now I realized it would make a perfect jewelry box for her ribbon barrettes.

So, of course, I had to make one for Ellia too:

It was so much fun making the ribbon barrettes.  I have two more blank sets of barrettes just waiting for ribbons.  Hmmm.....


  1. I would love step by step instructions to make these if you ever got the time. They look awesome and my daughters are always up for new pretties to put in their hair.

  2. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I had purple and white ones that went with my soccer uniform. I think I came across them a while back. It would take some time for me to remember how we made them, so I'd love to see the instructions, too.

  3. AWWW you have the same grin!!! I loved these as a girl! (I loved the sound the beads made when you moved your head!)

  4. I loved these but never learned how to make them, I had a few but I think my mom must have bought them somewhere? I did love the ones with the beads too. I love the ones you made for Ky and Ellia and course with matching boxes :)

  5. I suspect that yours are in your closet somewhere. Probably in one of the many boxes. You know that you never threw anything away. I had forgotten about them. Very nice job! P.S. I just had to check. Sure enough, there are a couple in your little jewelry box. There is a pink and blue one and a red one with little flowers attached. Mom

  6. Heather and Jonna- I will definitely post a tutorial. Betsy and Sheena- mine didn't have beads, but I do remember a lot of people's did. Mom- I'm not surprised mine are still in my jewelry box. Thanks for checking.

  7. I used to loveeeeeeeeeee wearing these!! Sooooo cool you made them for the girls! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. So cool! I gotta start figuring out how to make these for Abby. I have time before those blond whispys need a clip!! Look forward to seeing a tutorial!! Amanda :) (And BTW - your comment thing is freaking out again!! :| sigh...)

  9. What an awesome old photo!! :)

  10. I had these too! I love the jewelry boxes you made to match!


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