Combining Photos from Events

I've mentioned before that I have a weird quirk where I will not scrap more than one page for an event, no matter how many photos I took.  A related quirk is that I like to combine photos from similar events into a single page.

We are HUGE fans of fairs.  Most years, we visit two county fairs plus the California State Fair.  I'm guessing a lot of people would scrap that as three separate pages, but I make one page that summarizes them all.

Here's a fairly typical page- this one happens to be from 2008.  Three fairs, four photos.    

And here's the page from this year.  Two fairs, fifteen photos.  One major difference between 2008 and 2011... I realized that I don't have to order every photo as a 4x6!  Printing collages allows me to get so many more photos on the page.


  1. Very cool! I love them both! I admire how many photos you put on a page! :):):):):):)

  2. I like them both but of course, you know I am a big fan of collages :)

  3. I print my own photos which helps a lot with the size issue cos I can make them any size I want and get lots of photos on a page. Also I ONLY do double pages and when it comes to a huge event like a party, I have been known to do 3 or 4 double spreads!

  4. I understand the rationale for keeping pages to a minimum because one can accumulate a lot of pages otherwise. I love that your layouts are simple and tell the story.


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