Halloween Costumes for your Candy

I have fond childhood memories of wrapping Kleenex around Tootsie Pops to make ghosts.  I decided to challenge myself to dress up some other candy as well!  Here's what I came up with.  I love them!

First, the ghosts.  For each ghost, you need one Kleenex, one Tootsie Pop, some ribbon, and a Sharpie.

Step 1: Peel apart the Kleenex into two plies and stack them as shown.  Use the Sharpie to add a face.

Step 2: Wrap the Kleenex around the Tootsie Pop and tie with the ribbon.  Done!

Next, the pumpkins.  For each pumpkin, you need a square of orange tissue paper, 3 Starbursts, some floral tape, and a Sharpie.

Step 1: Stack the Starbursts in the center of the tissue paper.

Step 2: Twist to secure.

Step 3: Wrap the floral tape around the top of the tissue paper to form a stem.  Bend for a more realistic look.

Step 4: Use the Sharpie to add a face!

Finally, Frankenstein.  You need a Sugar Daddy, green tissue paper, black cardstock, 2 googly eyes, a Sharpie, glue and scissors.

Step 1: Wrap the green tissue paper around the Sugar Daddy.  (This would be easier with a pack of gum or anything else rectangular, as you wouldn't need to work around the stick.)

Step 2:  Use the Sharpie to add hair, eyebrows, a nose, and a mouth.

Step 3: Cut bolts from the black cardstock and glue to the back.  Glue on the eyes.

I seriously love how these turned out!  I'm hoping they'll be a hit at our MOMS Club Halloween party.


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