Themed Patterned Paper

I have a problem with themed patterned paper.  No matter how cute it is, I rarely end up using it.  Either my pictures end up clashing with it, or it is too theme-y for the layout, or it just doesn't work for some other reason.  And it ends up sitting in my pile of unused paper.  I've pretty much stopped getting any themed patterned paper unless it has a non-themed pattern on the B-side.  That way I know I can use it for more than just the one topic.

This layout uses paper from Pink Paislee's 'Old School' line.  I wouldn't normally go for school-themed paper for a layout about a boy and his pet bunny, but the B-side worked perfectly.


  1. I really like these papers, looking at the paper line, I like the "b" side better as well. Trevor is so cute with his bunny.

  2. And I am the opposite ;) I have the HARDEST time using plain paper or cardstock! Lol! :):):) loving how you used the pp paper on here! Cuteeeeeee photos too! :):):):):):)

  3. I'm with Julie. I'm the opposite. I have to have my super busy patterned paper. I just love it. LOL These photos are really great and I love how your page turned out.

  4. Really neat layout Cindy. I can work with any type of patterned papers actually. Maybe matting the photos would help. Or use paint. But side b works too.:)


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