Christmas Tags, Part 2

Whenever possible, I try to involve Trevor in my crafting.  He loves doing anything artistic and I love sharing my passion for crafts with him.  (Of course, crafting with a 5 year old automatically means the project will take twice as long and result in twice the mess, but that's ok.)  As he's gotten older, I've been introducing him to a wider variety of media and techniques.  On today's agenda: heat embossing.

Trevor was positively giddy.  A chance to try out Mommy's stamps, inks AND the embossing powders he bought me for Mother's Day?  Pure heaven!

We started by using stamping snowflakes onto tags using Versamark, then adding white embossing powder.  He did these steps on his own.  I've mentioned before that I don't have a heat tool, so I heat emboss by holding a hot iron upside down in one hand and carefully holding my item above it with the other hand.  Needless to say, I did not allow Trevor to do this step!

After the embossing was complete, we added ink and Glimmer Mist to the tags to make the snowflakes pop. 

Our final step was add stickers.  Here are our completed tags:

Trevor's are the two on the top and mine are the two on the bottom.  Trevor is SO proud of his.  He can't wait to make more tags and try heat embossing again!


  1. adorable!! I showed this to Devin and now he wants to make some too, love that! Oh and you are so crazy to use an iron(smart but crazy!) I would burn myself everytime. You realize how cheap a heat tool is? I know it's not free as your iron is but still. :)

  2. Soooooooooo AWESOME you have him involved in this!! LOVING the tags you both made!!! Sooooo CUTE! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. These are adorable! I love that you two share something so special together.

  4. I want to come over to play with you and Trevor. Love the tags and your clever improvisation with the iron.


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