Behind the Scenes

Today this layout is featured at Ideas for Scrapbookers:

It's an unusual layout for me, in that it doesn't have any people (or rabbit) pictures in it.  I took these photos of Trevor's favorite restaurants over a period of about 6 months, in each case photographing it as we were headed inside to eat there.  Except for Texas Roadhouse.  We showed up (hoping to eat there), but the lack of cars in the parking lot was our first clue that it was closed.  I don't know why they aren't open for lunch, as they are jammed packed in the afternoon and evening...

When I took the pictures, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with the layout except to tell the stories of Trevor's favorite restaurants and his nicknames for them.  I knew I needed a ton of journaling space to tell the stories.  I typed up my journaling first (another very unusual thing for me, both that I typed it and that I did it first), printed photos, and laid it out.  I added the title and carefully, painstakingly measured the whole darn thing to make sure my spacing was perfect.  (That's unsual too.  I hate measuring.)  This was the result:

Even though the title is completely and perfectly straight in all ways, it looks bowed.  What an annoying optical illusion!  It made me really mad.  So I carefully pulled the grey cardstock off the blue patterned paper (thank goodness that Tombow is repositionable for the first few minutes) and sliced apart the layout to make a title strip that exposes two little lines of blue.  Much better.


  1. I don't think it looks bowed! I loveeeeee this! What an awesome thing to document! :):):):):):):)

  2. I only noticed the bowed text once you pointed it out. I'm so glad you've recorded what he calls the places. I remember being so confused when he said we needed to choose a place for dinner from "the place where they cook the food" and "peanuts on the floor." These are treasures!

  3. what a fun idea for a layout! Thanks for visiting my blog. I had just posted that ATC and boom you came along a few minutes later! Did I see you had something published in Scrapstreet this month? congrats

  4. What a great thing to document...Love the idea! I'm surprised that you don't measure. All your layouts look so neat!

  5. Awesome layout, Cindy! I love your title and that it doens't have any people in it!


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