Self-scraplifting a Card

I've been going through pictures of my old projects recently and found this card. I think it might be my favorite card I've ever made. I made it years ago. There's absolutely nothing unique or special about it, but it makes me happy. The colors are awesome and it is crisp and clean.

I thought it would be fun to scraplift the card- would I like the design as much with different colors and sentiments?

I started with a sympathy card.  They are my least favorite type of card to make (and send), for obvious reasons.  I do like how this turned out.  It's simple yet elegant, and definitely somber enough to convey sympathy.

Next I made a birthday card.  It's amazing how changing up just the colors and patterns can completely change the mood of a card.  An interesting note about this card- there was a flaw on the upper left quadrant of the paper that I didn't notice until after I glued everything down.  I brainstormed how to save the card and came up with the idea of punching a dot from the scraps and using it to cover the flaw.  It worked like a charm, though I then had to spend the next 20 minutes punching and adhering enough dots to the rest of the card to make it look like that was the original plan.  :)

For my final card, I used the rest of the green paper from the previous card and scraplifted my original design nearly exactly.  I like the yellow card better, but this one is fine.  The floral pattern is much more prominent in real life.

I have a feeling I'll be coming back to this design again and again!


  1. I I've the ingenious way you saved the birthday card. This is a great design. All the cards turned out so nice.

  2. It is a good design and you can use again and again, proven here by your variations. My fav is the yellow one as well, it is just so happy!

  3. Great simple card like you said! Great variety! Love how you can change it up!

  4. Gorgeous cards! What a great idea too!Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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