One Little Word

I had a really positive experience with One Little Word in 2011.  I've been debating between two words for 2012.  As I was cleaning, I found this tiny little metal charm at the bottom of a tub.

And wouldn't you know it... it was one of the two words I was considering.  So 2012 is my year to CELEBRATE.

I'm turning 40 in March, so I want to celebrate that milestone in a memorable way.  But I also want to celebrate smaller things.  I want to take time to appreciate and celebrate everything that makes me happy.  Here's my tag for 2012.

See those balloons?  They were my second draft.  Originally I'd planned a party hat.  It was looking really cute... until I realized it looked more like a slice of pepperoni pizza than a party hat.  See?

So I left it off.  I like the balloons better.  I especially the little strings tied with a cute bow.  Much cuter than the pizza hat!

Here's the 2012 tag with the 2011 tag.  I'll be hanging these up prominently on the scraproom wall.

Have you picked One Little Word for 2012?


  1. Loveeeeee that olw! And loving the tag you made for it! :):):):):):):)

  2. That's such a fun, happy choice for OLW. I love your tag and how you are hanging your words from each year. That's a great reminder.

  3. I think it's a great choice! I also love the idea of hanging the words all together.


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