"Pieces and Parts" Guest Designer

Groovy Deb, from If It's Groovy, was looking for a "Pieces and Parts" Guest Designer.  It sounded like so much fun- receive a box full of her leftover bits and pieces, then use them to make whatever I want.  What a fun challenge!

Here's what Deb sent to me:

As you can see, it is indeed very random!  This was truly her leftovers- no convenient matching product, coordinated sets, or embellishments in threes.  Equally hard for me was the amount of pink.  I almost never use pink!

Deb had a simple rule for me to follow.  I was not to add any of my own paper (besides white cardstock), ribbon, stamps, or other supplies.  I could alter her supplies with ink, paint, or pens. 

Card 1: I decided to start with the "29... and holding" sticker.  I cut the number paper to make a background, then added two of the punched rectangles to make a cake.  I cut a candle and flame from two of the other punched pieces.  I inked the edges- that ink was the only thing I used that wasn't from the box.

Card 2: I cut a background from the school-themed paper, then cut the "You Did It!" sentiment from the scraps.  I used red ink and Stickles to color the light pink ribbon (which actually matches the sentiment in real life).  I mounted the sentiment on the reverse side of one of the printed flowers.  The ink and Stickles were the only supplies not from Deb's box.

Card 3: I used the remainder of the number paper and the hot pink ribbon to start this card.  I cut the number 5 and the candle from the pink piece of patterned paper, then cut the flame from the same piece of paper I used on Card 1.  I mounted the 5 on the back of a punched scalloped oval.  I didn't use any of my own supplies except black ink on the edges.

Card 4: I used the remainder of the pink patterned paper to make the background.  I cut a strip from the school paper, which I mounted upside down on the card.  I added the vellum flower and a rhinestone.  Again, all supplies were from Deb except the black ink on the edges.

Tag 1: I started with the remainder of the hot pink ribbon.  I used my corner rounder on the orange square, then topped it with two layered flowers.  Then I added the orange button in the center.  The brown ink for the edges and the corner rounder were the only extra supplies I used.

Tag 2: I overlapped two corner stickers to form the tree, then cut a trunk from the woodgrain punch.  I added tiny dots of Stickles to trim the tree.  Only the Stickles and the brown ink were from my supplies.

Tag 3:  I cut apart one more of the corner stickers to form leaves, which I placed under the flower.  The flower's center is from the same sticker sheet.  The red "ribbon" with pink dots is one more sticker from the same sheet.  I cut it apart to make the border, then powdered the rest to make the "ribbon" topper.  Everything here was from the box- I didn't even ink any edges! 

What a fun (yet challenging) experience!  Deb- thanks for choosing me!


  1. You rocked this challenge! This is why it is hard to throw away bits and pieces, you know there is always another use for them!

  2. Fabulous work. It is fun to get really creative with left overs. I save mine and need to get busy...thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Wow, you really made the most of that box of goodies. Great work. I especially love the first card.

  4. Oh wow! You did awesome on the challenge! These are fabulous Cindy! :)

  5. You TOTALLY rocked what Deb sent you!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeee what you made!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Cindy I am so glad you found this t be fun and challenging...isn't that what crafting is all about? We crafters cannot get bored, lol! I really enjoyed seeing everything you could do with what I just needed to find a good home for :) WTG! You rocked this one!!!


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