A Flower for Cheryl

Recently my friend and fellow Fiskateer Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer. The fabulous Sylvia (Fiskateer #5019) came up with a wonderful idea. She asked Cheryl's friends from around the world to show our support and love. Each of us made a pink flower, then mailed it to Sylvia. She attached stems, then assembled the flowers into this amazing bouquet.

Here's the flower I made. You can barely see it in the bouquet, just a bit to the right of center.

I was thrilled to hear that Cheryl absolutely loved her bouquet!


  1. What a clever idea! It's neat to see the wide variety of flowers created and shades of pink used.

  2. How sweet!!!! I love this idea! Great show of support for a friend! I love seeing all the different flowers everyone made.

  3. A beautiful and thoughtful gift!
    My mom is a breast cancer survivor.
    My heart and well wishes go out to your dear friend.

  4. What a beautiful and sweet gift!! I loveeeeeeeeee her bouquet!!

  5. The bouquet of hand made flowers is beautiful and what a great idea. How pleased she had to of been. It's nice you got a pic of the finished product. tfs.

  6. What a thoughtful idea!! Your flower is so lovely. I know all these handcrafted flower must be such a cheer and encouragement to her. ~ Blessings, Tracey



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