Cookie Cutter Art

Yesterday, Trevor and I pulled out my collection of Thanksgiving/fall cookie cutters.  

But we didn't make cookies.  We used them for this really fun Thanksgiving art project.  

In addition to the cookie cutters, we gathered watercolor paper, non-toxic paint (I use Crayola Kids' Paint), crayons, and a paintbrush.  I spread brown paint in my Frisbee.  Then we dipped the cookie cutters into the paint and stamped them on the paper.

Here's what my paper looked like when I was done stamping.

After stamping, set aside your paper and wash your cookie cutters thoroughly.  When your stamping is dry, color in each image with crayon.  

You can leave your art like this, or you can paint the background to really make the images pop.  I watered down some blue paint, then we brushed it on.  We kept a paper towel nearby to blot any paint that ended up on the crayon.  (The wax resists the paint, so you can blot it off before it dries.)  As you can see from Trevor's change of wardrobe, we did this project over two days.

Here's Trevor's finished project.  (That's mine at the top of the post).

You can hang these on the wall to decorate.  You can add clear contact paper and use them as placemats for your Thanksgiving table.  You can fold it in half to make a card to thank your host for a lovely Thanksgiving.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. Oh wow! I never thought of using cookie cutters as stamps! Now I need to go see if I can find mine!

  2. I was just about to say that these would make PERFECT placemats if you laminated them. So cool Cindy!

  3. This looks awesome! Love the idea of using cookie cutters....clever! Fun fun fun! :)

  4. So AWESOME!!! What a great idea!!!! I love them!!!!!

  5. I love the resist of the crayons against the blue paint. Really cool project!


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