Homemade Fortune Cookies

Check it out - I made my own fortune cookies!  

I've wanted to try making fortune cookies for years. Decades, even. But I've never done it. It was an obvious choice to add to my list of 40 Things. When I told Trevor I was going to be making fortune cookies, he was very excited and immediately volunteered to help. In particular, he wanted to write the fortunes.  

We went to the computer. He climbed onto my lap and dictated fortunes nearly as fast as I could type them. I LOVE his ideas. Pure gold.  

After cutting the fortunes, we started making the cookie batter. Check out that recipe next to Trevor. I tore it out of a magazine during the Year of the Ram... 2003. It was one of MANY fortune cookie recipes I'd torn out of magazines over the years, knowing that someday I'd make them.  

After making the batter, I spread it on the pan and baked for 4 minutes, four cookies at a time. Then it was a mad dash in which Trevor placed a fortune onto each 400°F cookie, then I folded the cookie in half, and then in half again. Needless to say, we weren't able to take pictures of the process.  

Eating our fortune cookies was just as much fun as making them. Steve hadn't seen Trevor's fortunes, so it was especially fun seeing his reaction as he opened his cookies. His first cookie advised him: Never be a bully. ("What kind of fortune is that?!" he asked.) His others: Be thankful for food. Try your best. You should be careful today. ("Why is my cookie threatening me?" he asked.)      

My fortunes were pretty good: Always think before you do. Listen to your teacher. You are great. Your wish will be granted.  

Trevor's fortunes included: You are awesome. Try to be nice. Always be kind. Make your luck keep going.

Goal #31 completed!


  1. Well done! How fun it must be!

    P/s: I'm Chinese and this fortune cookie thing is not part of my culture. I had my first fortune cookie in the US actually!

  2. How AWESOME and YUMMY too!! I loveeeeeee the fortunes Trevor created!!!

  3. Yay! Another goal completed and what super fortunes! I love "Don't be a Bully"! Great advice!

  4. I think this is such a fun and creative family project. I just ADORE Trevors ideas for the fortunes (and Steve's reactions!) Great project for your 40th year!

  5. Meant to add: I know you are in the SF area. There is a fortune cookie "factory" in San Fran that is interesting to visit. You won't find it by accident. It is tucked away in an alley in Chinatown, but it was one of the things on our to-do list when we went to SF. You can literally watch fortune cookies being made just an arm length away from you. It's a "little engine that could" factory. It's been in business for 40 years, supplying fortune cookies to Chinatown and around the world. Trevor would like it, no doubt, though their fortunes weren't half as creative as his. :)

    1. I went there as a child and have always wanted to go back! I should make that a priority. There's one in Oakland too, though I've never been there. Adding to my to-do list!

  6. I tried once to make fortune cookies. It didn't work out. I need to try them again!


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