Any Project Runway fans out there?  I can't sew and I have absolutely no knowledge of fashion, but Project Runway is my favorite TV show.  One of my favorite challenges each season is when the designers create their own fabric.  

Each time I watch one of those challenges I think about how fun it would be to create my own fabric.  I also think about how difficult it would be!  With literally every color and pattern available, how would I ever narrow it down to create the perfect fabric?  (Of course, in my mind I'm not designing fabric.  I'm designing scrapbook paper.)  

I recently discovered plaidmaker.org.  It's on online tool for creating your own plaid patterns.  I'm not a huge fan of scrapping with plaid (and obviously I don't sew plaids, since I can barely sew a straight-ish line for a Halloween costume), but I had so much fun playing with this tool!   It took a few minutes for me to understand what to do, then I whipped up this fun plaid:

For this next plaid, I kept everything the same except the colors.  It's amazing how different colors completely change the look and feel of the plaid.

Like I said, I almost never scrap with plaids.  But if I did, I'd want a plaid like this:

I can totally imagine it on a camping page.  If I were designing a collection, the other papers would include a tone-on-tone pine needle print using the dark green from the plaid, a swiss dot using the tan, and a wood grain with the dark brown.  Now I need online tools to make the rest of my collection!  What do you think?  Would any of you buy it?  ;)


  1. Oh these are cool!!! I am loving the blue one!!!

  2. Oh, cool tool! Love those plaids! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Yep, I would totally buy it! :) I love using plaid in my layouts!

  4. I love the 3rd one best, because my fav color is brown!
    I always wondered how people created anything: fabric, scrapbook paper and embellies, perfumes! On one hand there are so many choices but on the other hand so many people are dsigning the same type of things I start to wonder if eventually everything will start to look alike...? Well, it hasn't happened yet!

  5. How fun! It would be cool to use plaids! Love the bright blue one!

  6. The last one is my favorite. That tool is really neat. You know, you really don't see a lot of plaid patterns in scrappy collections anymore and I really like them!


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