First Grade Homework

This week, Trevor came home with the classic Thanksgiving homework assignment called "I Am Not a Turkey."  His job was to disguise a turkey as something else so that the turkey can avoid becoming dinner.  I know some parents dread them, but I LOVE creative assignments like this.  In fact, I loved the assignment so much that I couldn't resist playing along while Trevor did his.  

I got out our markers, crayons, paper scraps, googly eyes, and a bunch of other stuff and we got right to work.  So much fun!  I knew right away how I'd disguise my turkey.  "I am not a turkey... I'm Mickey Mouse!"   

Trevor insisted that anyone would know that mine was a turkey and not Mickey Mouse.  He was far more thorough in disguising his own turkey as a space alien (right down to the nametag that says "Space Alien").  I love all the eyeballs.

What's your opinion about creative homework, either as a parent or when you were a kid? Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between?


  1. OMYGOSH!!! I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee his!!!!!!! Totally a space alien and NOT a turkey!!! And Mom... I think I might see a turkey with yours! LOL!! *wink* :)

  2. Too funny! Trevor's comment about your turkey cracks me up. Awesome!

  3. Funny thing, even though I am a scrapbooker, I hate creative homework!! Weird huh?
    My husband and I have a deal in the house:
    I help w/ daily homework and he helps w/ projects. It works because he hates daily homework! He is very creative himself, and has a great time helping the kids out w/ their projects...and he's good at not doing the work for them...like some parents.

    Love your turkeys!!!
    Especially Trevor's! I think it's hilarious that he actually gave the turkey a name tag that says "Space Alien" just to make sure we definitely know he is NOT a turkey! :0)

  4. Well . . . Since I hope educated at that age. I was the one giving out the creative homework. lol I must admit, there were no assignments quite like this. I think your son rocked this assignement though with his fabulous space alien disguise!! ~ Blessings, Tracey



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