Scrapping the Fair

We only spent a single day at the Alameda County Fair this last summer, but I have a ton of stories from that one day.  The Pinewood Derby cars our family made.  The projects we entered, including the first book Trevor wrote, called "My ABC Walk."  And then there is Trevor's bunny-themed tablesetting.

This was one of three fairs we were involved with this summer.  Each was packed with fun and lots of stories.  In the past, I've combined pictures from the different fairs into a single layout.  This year, I actually made two different layouts.  I already showed the one from the Solano County Fair.  Here is the one from the Alameda County Fair.    

I decided against using journaling.  While I am usually a fan of lots of journaling, I wanted to keep this one really clean.  Fortunately, all my various stories that go with the layout are well-documented here on the blog.

The page is based on a sketch by Nora.  My layout and others based on the sketch will be used in an article for Scrapjazz.com.  She asked me not to share the sketch until after the article comes out, which won't be until at least February, since we work 2+ months ahead.  But she did give me the ok to post the layout.  I'll let you know when the article is live!  


  1. hehe I love that corn dog photo. so fun!

  2. This is FABULOUS!! I loveeeeee the photos, the colors and loving that circle embellie in the corner!!!

  3. I agree, sometimes it's okay to not journal! Especially if the stories tell such a great story by themselves!
    Love the orange/blue combo and the photo collage!
    And that Corn Dog pic is the best! Corn Dogs are my favorite fair food!!!!!

  4. Great pics. Love this clean design.


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