Costume Improvements

In the past, Trevor has always announced what he wants his Halloween costume to be months and months in advance.  This year, he hasn't mentioned it, despite the fact that it's already September and we have costume-required occasions starting in early October.  I haven't asked, because I'm not mentally prepared for it to be fall yet.  I just finished my final layout from last year's Halloween!

I've been struggling with this layout for a long time and I kept putting it back into the "deal with later" pile. I knew I wanted to do something with the three pictures of Trevor from his three different costumed events last year.  I was too focused on the three different snakes and missed that the larger story was that we improved his costume each time he wore it (including changing the snake). Once I realized that was the story, everything fell quickly into place.  


  1. cute layout
    we haven't even thought of costumes yet either

  2. Brookie was scouring the party city catalog yesterday looking for costume ideas! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeee your lo!! I loveeeeeeee the photos and love love love the torn edges!!!!!

  3. (uh-oh! I think I lost my comment!
    If not and this is a duplicate... sorry!)

    Love the torn papers on this and the way you captured the evolution of Trevor's costume!

  4. Trevor is so cute in each pic, love how you documented each version! :) I've started making my list of ideas ... I usually come up with 50 or so, and Josh says "NO" to all but a few. I keep recycling ideas though, hoping he will eventually come around to some! :)

    1. Oh my gosh - you HAVE to blog about your list of ideas and the ones Josh rejects!

  5. Love the tearing! I thought we were all set and then a really expensive catalog came in the mail... We will see what happens!

  6. I always enjoy reading about your adventures in costume making. Love the way you incorporate Trevor's ideas and make it a family affair. Super cute page. You did a great job with this.

  7. Your costume design abilities are fabulous! Trevor is lucky to have such a creative Mom. This layout is a ton of fun.

  8. Love that you made improvements to the costumes...it makes a great story to document! Your page turned out great!

  9. I love your costume designs... and this layout is equally fabulous! I'd love to be able to sit and flip through all of Trevor's scrapbooks... he's so lucky to have you to make them for him!! :)


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