Y is for....

After six months of making crafts from every letter of the alphabet, I am finally adding the final letter to my list.  If you've never done it before, try googling "crafts that start with Y."  You'll find yaks (not the easiest animal for young children to create or even to recognize) and a handful of cop-outs, like Yellow Sun (come on... you're not even trying). I started with a list of all the possible Y-nouns I could think of.  I immediately removed:

  • Yak.  There are plenty of cute yak crafts out there - no reason to reinvent the wheel. 
  • Yam.  No matter what I do, it's going to look like a sweet potato.
  • Yacht.  What young child wouldn't look at it and think it's B-is-for-Boat?
  • Yeast.  Not a very fun or eye-catching craft.
  • Yeti.  Do little kids know about yetis?  The only reason I do is because of Rudolph.
  • Yardstick.  Unless it was 3 feet long, it would probably look more like R-is-for-Ruler.  
That left:
  • Yarn
  • Yolk
  • Yo-yo

 Hmm.... Yarn.  Yolk.  Yarn yolk?  A yellow yarn yolk?  Yes!

Materials: cardstock (silver, reddish-brown, white, yellow), yarn (yellow, white), scissors, glue.

Cut a frying pan from silver cardstock and set it aside.  To make the bacon, cut a rough rectangle shape from the reddish-brown cardstock and add white yarn.  Glue it to the frying pan. To make the egg, cut a rough oval from white cardstock.  Cut a circle from yellow cardstock and cover it with glue.  Starting from the center, place yellow yarn onto the wet glue, winding it around until the cardstock is covered.  Snip off the end.  Glue the yolk to the egg white and the glue the whole thing to the frying pan.  

Now, before anyone says anything.... yes, I realize this looks a lot more like F-is-for-Frying-Pan, B-is-for-Breakfast, or E-is-for-Egg.  How's this?

Convinced?  If so, great.  If not, return tomorrow to see my totally legitimate, no doubt about it, Y-is-definitely-for-Yo-Yo craft.


  1. I loveeeeeeee this!! LOVING the yarn yolk!!!!

  2. LOL! Cute blog post and art project! Made me smile!

  3. Too cute! Makes me want to say "yellow yarn yolk" three times fast... just to see what happens!

  4. This is too cute! :) Can't wait to see the yo-yo craft!!


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