International Rabbit Day

Happy International Rabbit Day, everyone! I thought it would be fun to celebrate by playing a game of "Find the Rabbit." It's simple. Just find the rabbit in each of the following pictures. We'll start with an easy one.

Slightly more difficult.

The cottontail is a dead giveaway from this angle.

Trouble is much harder to spot from the front.

This one is really hard. Look for a light colored ear sticking up.

Speaking of ears...

When Trouble is outside, we never take our eyes off him, not even for a second. Inside, where he is safe from predators... well, that's another story. At least 10 times a day, I get to play the indoor version of "Find the Rabbit."

Again, we'll start with an easy one.

Not difficult if you happen to be facing the correct direction.

Those telltale ears...

A favorite nap location...

Here's another favorite nap location. He's easy to see in this photo, but the first time he snoozed on one of our dining room chairs, it took me 30 minutes of panicked searching to find him. I was terrified he'd gotten out somehow. Our bunnysitter had the same experience a few months later.  

Trouble isn't actually hiding in this next picture, but it's too cute not to include. Trouble likes to climb into any container he can find, including way-too-small Kleenex boxes.   

You can find cute videos of Trouble and lots of rabbit-themed projects and crafts here. For more information about rabbits and rabbit care, please visit the House Rabbit Society website. Happy International Rabbit Day!


  1. He is sooooooooooooo cute!! LOVING these photos!! Yep ... the ears are a dead giveaway!!!

    Ohhhhh and I keep meaning to tell you ... so last Jan's CHA (so 2012) Heidi Grace was there with her new line "Creative Handmade" ... but because of the 'selling of her name' to another company ... she has to go by Heidi Kreiss (spelling???) now ... so anyways ... I liked her collections and bought the one I used the other day ... however ... I don't think that CHA was successful at all for her :( Cuz I haven't seen anything from her since and haven't seen her at CHA either :(

  2. Ohhhhh I think Trouble is adorable!!! :) It's wonderful that you guys celebrate International Rabbit Day, too!! That would be right up my alley! It seems like he thinks he's a cat ... our kitty used to love to get under beds and on the dining room tables, and of course any bag, box or basket he could find (whether he could fit or not) - Trouble totally reminds me of that. :)

  3. Oooooh how fun! I never knew having a rabbit as a pet could be so fun!

  4. I have never heard of a pet rabbit until yours. It's always fun to read Trouble's adventures. He has really turned out to be a great pet for your family.

  5. Love this -- Trouble is so cute!! :)


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