My New Washi Tape Storage

Are you into washi tape? I absolutely love it. (Trevor does too.) My first six rolls of washi tape hung on one of the two pegboards in my scraproom (which you can see here). It was really convenient... until my collection of washi tape grew. Soon I had washi tape cluttering up my desktop, balanced on paper trays, and on the floor under the desk. Totally unacceptable.  

I've seen dozens of different ways to store washi tape, including vertically on a paper towel holder, lined up in drawers, thrown into baskets, organized in pencil boxes, and even displayed on a window shutter. I wanted my washi tape to be out in the open but off the flat surfaces. I wanted a storage system that was flexible in size and easily accessible.  

I happened to have a length of dowel that was just long enough to hold all my washi tape rolls. I bought some Command wall hooks (affiliate link) and stuck them above my bulletin board.

I organized my washi tape by color and threaded it on the dowel. I balanced the dowel on the hook and that's all there was to it!

Here's a closer look:

I absolutely love it! The best part is that I can leave the tapes in place and tear off whatever I need. As I collect more rolls, I can either replace the dowel with a longer one and move the sticky-back hangers outward or I can put a second washi tape hanger just like this one directly above it.

How do you store your washi tape?


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this idea!!! Very cool!!!!

  2. What a great idea!! Like you, I used to have just a few rolls, maybe 8, and I stored them in an old glass French press that I picked up for a quarter at the church yard sale. The washi fit in there perfectly and were lifted out by the press. I still have my original washi inside the press and the rest of the washi is in milk glass bowl. They fit but I can't buy any more!

  3. Mine are in jar (I'm trying to limit myself because they are so darn addicting). I love your idea!

  4. Great idea for storing your washi tape.
    Mine are in clear drawers.

  5. What a fantastic idea! I can see using this for ribbon as well! I store my washi in a basket, but I'm starting to need a bigger basket! :)

    1. Me, too! I don't have anywhere to store my basket at the moment, and I'm looking at ways of tidying up my craft/computer desk....

  6. What an amazing idea! I'm definitely trying this one. It would work for my little washi tape collection!

  7. What a clever and fantastic idea!! Mine are all jumbled up in a bin.... I don't use them as often as I should.... I just collect them apparently ;)

  8. Love Washi tape....not sure this would hold all mine...it is addicting !


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