Mini Ball Pan Attempt #1: Caterpillar Cake

Time to share our first adventures with the present I bought myself a few weeks ago! We FINALLY finished eating our zucchini cookies and zucchini cobbler, so I could justify making another dessert. I washed my new pan, greased it, made my batter, and consulted the directions that came with the pan to see how much batter to put in each cavity. The directions said to "put 2/3 cup batter into each cavity (about 2/3 full)." As I got out a 2/3 c. measuring cup, Steve commented that he couldn't believe I was actually going to measure. I almost never measure anything, so it was indeed worth noting. I filled the 2/3 cup with batter and started to pour it in the pan. It was immediately apparent that something was hideously wrong. There was no way 2/3 c. of batter was going to fit. Even 1/3 c. was too much. I double-, triple-, and quadruple-checked the instructions. I didn't read it wrong - it definitely said 2/3 cup. I checked the Wilton directions online and they said 2/3 c. too. I filled each with about 1/4 cup and popped them in the oven. This is what came out:

Clearly, 1/4 c. of batter was too much. OK, good to know for next time.  

We used a serrated knife to level off the bottoms, then arranged the cupcakes on plates. Trevor had requested that we make caterpillars, so that's exactly what we did. We used a star tip to apply green frosting, then added candy eyeballs, pretzel antennae, a red licorice smile, and grape licorice feet (affiliate links). 

By the way, we actually researched caterpillars to learn how many legs they have. We learned that they have 6 true legs (which they keep in adulthood as butterflies or moths) and up to five pairs of prolegs. These false legs help them move and cling to plants. Never let anyone tell you that cake decorating isn't educational.

Here's Trevor's caterpillar:  

Here's mine. Trevor took the picture and he kept telling me to get lower and lower until I was laying on the table like this.  

Here's a close-up of Trevor's caterpillar. "Hello!"

I made WAY too much green frosting, so expect a different green cupcake project from us in the near future.


  1. OMYGOSH!! How FUN are these!! I loveeeeeeeeee them!!!!

  2. Those are so cute... fun stuff. Did you ever figure out how/why the directions were wrong?

  3. Wrong directions? That's wierd!
    Wonder why that is?!
    Regardless your catepillar's came out cute!
    Although My tummy is hurting looking at all that frosting! Definitely makes the catepillar pretty but that's a lot of sugar to eat! Knowingyou it's probably healthy frosting, right? ;0)
    I love that pic Trevor took of you, LOL!

  4. Healthy frosting?! No way. Apparently you don't know me as well as you think you do. I'm all about the sugar. I could eat frosting by the vat. I don't, but I could.

    1. Oh! So sorry! Didn't mean to offend! LOL!
      I was more referencing the way you like to tweak recipes and thought maybe you came up w/ a healthy alternative!

    2. While I do like tweaking recipes, it's full-fat, full-sugar frosting (and lots of it!) for me. :)

  5. First off - SUPER CUTE!!! (Both of them!) :D

    Secondly - I'm so surprised about Wilton's directions being that far off! Crazy!! I've used a few of their shaped pans before, and really need to see what I have left in my cake decorating supplies. I haven't used them in years. I searched forever to find the holiday house pan, finally ordered it and have never used it-ugh! I'm making it a goal right now, to use it sometime this fall - whether it's a haunted house or a Christmas house, I'm going to use it!! :) And THANK YOU, for the inspiration to do so!! :)

  6. Oooooh...loved that you actually researched on the legs a caterpillar has...they look soooooo cute!

  7. You make me want to take on yet another form of "crafting"!! I absolutely love these cakes!!! SO CUTE!!! Trevor does a far better job than I can at this point. I always end up with frosting everywhere... not that I complain.... I usually end up eating it ;) LOL

  8. These are adorable! Trevor does an amazing job with crafts, baking and photography for a 7-year-old. He is thriving so!


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