Mouse Donuts

Remember the Bunny Donuts I made using powdered donuts?  I set the chocolate donuts from the pack aside, waiting for inspiration (and, frankly, some guilt-free spare time to devote to playing with donuts).  Obviously I was inspired by the chocolate chip mouse, because I turned the first pack of donuts into a mouse.

I used chocolate donuts, brown felt (ears and tail), pink craft foam (ears and nose), white craft foam (whiskers), and googly eyes.  I used hot glue to attach everything.  Easy.  I didn't bother covering the serial number this time, but it would have been simple to add a little oval belly to cover it.

I have one more pack of uneaten chocolate donuts, so if I can keep everyone's grubby paws off them (and resist eating them myself), then I'll share another critter eventually.


  1. Soooooooooo cute cute cute! I love it!!!!!

  2. How cute! For a split second I was thinking wait... did I already comment on this?! Then I realized it's a different version! Love it :)


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