Scrapping the Garden

Each year, I create a layout that lists the things we grow in our summer garden. It's a fun way to remember the new things we tried, as well as the successes (and failures) we had. Our first real, good-sized garden was in 2008 when Trevor was 2. This is the layout I made to document what we grew:

Apparently I didn't scrap about the 2009 garden.  Weird.  Here's 2010:

Here's 2011: 


And here is the layout I just finished, about our 2013 garden:

I used this sketch by Tammi Bennett for My Scraps and More:

We've just finished planting our 2014 garden. I can't wait to start harvesting! What's in your garden this year?


  1. These are fabulous! I love that you document your garden! And no garden here ... with temps being OVER 115 for more than half the year ... yeah ... I think it would all die :(

  2. You know what is too cute? Watching Trevor grow right along with your garden each year! :) I usually plant flowers in the spring, but by the mid-summer heat wave, they've all died. Last year I didn't plant anything and it was really nice to not worry about needing to water. I probably won't plant any this year either.

  3. What a fabulous post! I am in awe of all of your talents, and growing a vegetable garden is one of them. We will plant tomatoes and peppers again this year, perhaps some herbs, too. but that is all! . . . and I absolutely love all of your layouts depicting what you planted each year.

    1. Thank you, but gardening is my mom's talent, not mine. We tell her what we hope to grow, then she tells us if it will work, how and where to plant it, and how to take care of it. She's the one who planted our first garden (with Trevor, of course). You can see her in #2 on the top layout.

  4. Love it!!! So cool that you've scrapped it too -- I have never thought to do that!! Though I guess I sort of did in my Project Life album -- but not a whole page just about the garden!! Maybe I'll have to add one to my PL album I'm finishing up for last year! :)

  5. Oooh, I LOVE these layouts and agree with Tanya that watching Trevor grow along with all the veggies is half the fun!

  6. I love the idea of scrapping the things in your garden. These look fabulous!

  7. Great scrappy idea! Love your take on the sketch! The colours are fabulous! Thanks for playing along at My Scraps & More!

  8. Love the bright yellow! Thanks for playing at My Scraps and More!!

  9. Wonderful page! Love the bright colors! Thanks for playing at My Scraps & More!

  10. oh wow how cool to scrap all the gardens!!! wonderful page, Thanks for playing at My Scraps and More!!


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